The Jurassic Coast

Dinosaur footprints

The Jurassic Coast stretches between Gijón Asturias and Ribadesella (only a few meters from the hotel), more than 60 miles where footprints and bone remains of dinosaurs and Jurassic reptiles abound.

Imagine trace beings who lived more than two hundred million years ago through these footprints were left on the shore. This is what allows the various routes that are performed on the Jurassic Coast of Asturias. Following the huge footprints, called ignitas, that dinosaurs were leaving in the eastern coastal belt, we walking down a crowded low cliffs and rocky path, looking for the traces of organisms that lived in a time when the Asturian coast was a huge covered marsh mud and moss, the product of a previous flood much of the Cantabrian coast.

There are many routes through these privileged landscapes of the Asturian coast following a common trail, like the beach of the Greek and the cliffs of ballasts in Colunga, and many coastal points distributed between Villaviciosa and Ribadesella, where the accumulation of traces is higher and they proliferate everywhere. Many of these sites have information panels, although it is advisable to do any of the guided tours for a closer look.

Walking on the cliffs overlooking the Bay of Biscay by looking at our feet on the ground, where the primitive Jurassic basement outcrops in the form of desiccation cracks on the rocks, or looking sandstone footprints on the ground can be a unique experience, which one feels almost tiny compared to the vastness of your observations. The Jurassic Coast of Asturias is a pending visit to addicts rural tourism which has much to tell.

In colunga you will find the Jurassic Museum where you will know all the details.