Tourism in the region of the Picos de Europa

The Camino de Santiago walking in Ribadesella passing through an idyllic landscape of green meadows, old mills, medieval bridges and beautiful rivers that will leave fascinated its pilgrims. Not only the setting is amazing, the charm of the town itself, its historical past and the kindness of its people make this stretch one of the most rewarding experiences all the way.

Our hotel is located in the flow path and is ideal for pilgrims.

Dinosaur footprints

The Jurassic Coast stretches between Gijón Asturias and Ribadesella (only a few meters from the hotel), more than 60 miles where footprints and bone remains of dinosaurs and Jurassic reptiles abound.

Imagine trace beings who lived more than two hundred million years ago through these footprints were left on the shore. This is what allows the various routes that are performed on the Jurassic Coast of Asturias. Following the huge footprints, called ignitas...

 Tito Bustillo Prehistoric Cave

Enjoy a few meters away from a memorable visit to the famous Caves of Tito Bustillo and its Museum. One of the few caves where you can see prehistoric paintings unique quality in the world.

The cave of Tito Bustillo retains twelve sets of rock art scattered throughout the cavity. The rich variety of these manifestations, with paintings and engravings of signs, animals and anthropomorphic representations, make the cave of Tito Bustillo is considered one of...

Ribadesella, the beach of Picos de Europa

In Ribadesella not have to choose between sea and mountains that you can have it all, fishing village, marina, beach, mountains, .....

Picos de Europa

The Natural Park of the Picos de Europa which occupies a large area of ​​the Cantabrian Mountains, is the oldest national park in Spain (near 100th birthday). It spans the provinces of Asturias, Cantabria, Castile and León.

Is a high mountain park of karst geology with an altitude ranging from 75 meters to over 2600 meters above the sea surface.

The rich fauna of the National Park can be described as exceptional because it is represented in the Cantabrian fauna. The...